Towell Spring


Second only to breathing and eating, sleep is critical to life. Medical science has proven a direct correlation between quality of life and quality of sleep. Healthy sleep can be defined as the quality of sleep that allows you to perform at optimal levels throughout the day. Just like a good pair of shoes provides proper arch support, a good sleep system provides proper support to the spine by conforming to your body contours. We should all be clearly aware that sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Sleep determines the quality of our active life. It is therefore essential to give your body quality time to rest and restore itself each night and equally important to create an environment which facilitates this – a perfectly matched sleep system.


“The Family Favorite” When Towell Spring awarded itself this sobriquet, it was with very good reason. Since its inception on 1999, from a relatively modest operating facility in Sharjah, the brand has grown to be the acknowledged market leader in its segment. The phenomenal growth could not have come about without an almost tangible perception of the brand’s inherent attributes of superior quality and big value. Towell Spring openly sees its product offering a potentially winning brand in a very aggressive industry. To accomplish its goals, the company is determined to offer the highest value to it retails partners, and to always keep customer needs and partners, and to always keep customer needs and wants as the central focus of its mission. Innovation and new industry ideas are accorded the highest priority, to consistently improve and enhance the Towell Spring range, which currently comprises twelve sleep systems that have collectively come to be accepted as “The Family Favorite”


Superior, innovative sleep systems for a healthier lifestyle. The sleep systems carefully crafted and elegantly finished, just perfect for your family.