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Latex Mattress – benefits

So you’re entertaining the possibility of one day sleeping on a natural latex mattress, but you’re wondering what you’re getting yourself into? Is it worth making the switch?

First off, let’s clarify a few things about all-natural latex mattresses. The pro’s and cons mentioned here do not apply to mattresses that contain blended film. Blended foams typically contain less than 30 percent natural latex. There’s no significant advantage to purchasing a mattress with blended foam as the mattress will be similar off-gassing amounts of chemicals as conventional foam mattresses. Companies that include natural latex in their foam blend are mostly motivated by being able to market their product as quote-unquote natural latex memory foam, even if the foam contains less than 30 percent natural latex. Enough said on to the pros and cons of all-natural latex mattresses.

Advantages of a hundred percent all-natural latex mattresses

Whether you’re looking to purchase an all-natural latex mattress made in the Dunlop or Talalay manufacturing process, the advantages are similar. Let’s look at a few of the. Number 10 more durable endowed with great elasticity all-natural latex foam regains its original shape after use and molds itself perfectly to the user’s body

contrary to polyurethane-based foam that can lose its shape over time all-natural latex maintains its original shape and lasts longer all-natural latex

mattresses outlast other types of mattresses by three to seven years typically their lifespan is twelve to fourteen years. number nine available in many firmnesses –is like conventional mattresses all-natural latex mattresses are available in a variety of firmness but generally range from medium to firm check the manufacturers ILD rating for the particular mattress you’re interested in ILD means

impression load deflection a higher ILD score will be for firmer mattresses while a lower IL D will be for softer mattresses. Number eight environmentally friendly, even though natural mattresses outlast conventional mattresses, they are biodegradable contact your vendor to find out if any chemicals nylon dyes or adhesives are used in fabrication. This will indicate if your full natural latex mattress is a hundred percent biodegradable or not. Since your all-natural latex mattress lasts longer, you’ll be reducing consumption and purchasing a biodegradable product.  number seven -pain relief some people with chronic nerve and joint pain report a significant relief in their symptoms after sleeping for a few months on an all-natural latex mattress those are suffering from lower back pain report that the relief on pressure points contributes to a reduction in chronic pain. number six – no off-gassing you spend a lot of time in your bed, and sleep is the time that the body needs to heal and repair itself to be ready for a fresh start in the morning. if you’re spending that time inhaling toxic gases that are released by synthetic materials and conventional mattresses. you could develop a chronic inflammatory condition off-gassing chemicals are contained in fire retardants adhesives, and petroleum-based materials which are used in conventional mattresses volatile chemicals from synthetic materials are time-released into your home environment and can cause adverse health effects health risks associated with exposure to volatile organic chemicals present in polyurethane foam affect the nervous and immune system potential illnesses include cancer neurological disorders autoimmune weakness asthma allergies infertility miscarriage and child behavior disorders. natural latex mattresses have virtually no smell or off-gassing even when new owners of all-natural latex mattresses report a sweet natural and inoffensive smell when first laying down on their mattress. look for green guard and eco Institute certifications to ensure that your mattress is made of certified organic or natural materials.

Beware of companies that list natural latex blend as a material in the mattress specifications definitely stay away from memory foam if your priority is a mattress that has no off-gassing. memory foam is mostly made of polyurethane, which typically contains high amounts of VOCs. number five  – wool natural fire-retardant chemical fire retardant used in conventional petroleum-based mattresses have been linked to a long list of health issues. these health conditions include immunotoxicity endocrine and thyroid disruption reproductive toxicity adverse effects on fetal and child development neurologic dysfunction and cancer natural latex mattresses use wool as an effective fire barrier wool is a protein fiber it is naturally fire-resistant it refuses to support a flame the naturally occurring nitrogen and lanolin in the world give it the ability to self extinguish. number four – good for allergy sufferers all-natural latex mattresses are antifungal, antibacterial mold-resistant mildew resistant and are resistant to dust mites mattresses can be a breeding ground for unwanted organisms that pose health risks with an all-natural latex mattress. you’ll be keeping them at bay.