Latex Mattress

The best latex mattress in Dubai for the most comfortable sleep imaginable

Purchasing the right kind of bedding requires careful thinking, considering humans spend approximately a third of their lives sleeping in bed. If you are thinking of buying a mattress for your bed, you might want to consider getting a latex foam mattress.

The advantages of any synthetic or natural latex mattress

Latex foam mattress products are becoming more and more popular today because of their wide range of benefits in terms of improving sleeping conditions and high customer satisfaction ratings. Firstly, these mattresses are able to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience while also providing ample spinal support. The material contours itself to the shape of the body for enhanced comfort and allows for correct body alignment throughout your sleep. This is perfect for people who are suffering from back pain.

Additionally, the material is naturally resistant to allergens like mould and bacteria, as well as pests like dust mites. You will never have to worry about introducing pest killing chemicals to the material.

In terms of durability, latex is one of the top choices available. Pure latex variants outlast other variants by a margin of two to seven years, and are able to provide lasting comfort for up to 12 years. If you are concerned about your environmental footprint, you need not worry, as the materials is also biodegradable.

Get the best latex mattress in Dubai from Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry today

TMFI offers the widest array of top-quality bedding products in Dubai today and the MENA region today. Integrating innovative product design with expert engineering, we are able to create excellent bedding products that surpass the quality offered by the competition. Through superior design, we have introduced enhanced Motion Isolation, which effectively nullifies any disturbance or motion caused by movement on the bed. Whether you are looking for a natural latex mattress or a pure latex variant, we can provide for you.

As a testament of our confidence in our products and production capabilities, we offer a maximum warranty of 10 years for our top-of-the-line models.

Compromise no longer

You deserve the best sleep. Let TMFI bring that to you. Get in touch with our Dubai customer support team to know more about our products.