Memory foam is one of the most unique material on the planet. Its exclusive properties stem from the unusual features of its cell structure. Unlike standard foams that only partially compress when under pressure, memory foam cells compress fully when pressed and return’s gradually to their original shape on release. The term “memory foam” seems to have been adopted because the foam “appears to remember” the shape of the last object placed upon its surface. Memory foam is also Temperature Sensitive. This means that at lower temperatures it is harder (more viscous), and at higher temperatures it is softer and bouncier (more elastic). This is the reason that memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam.

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Memory foam was first developed by NASA engineers in the late 1970’s for pressure relief during space travel. Shortly after its development, memory foam began to be applied to the medical industry for its therapeutic properties. It was only in the early 1990’s, however that it was first introduced into the consumer bedding industry, since when it has forever changed the way the world looks at Sleep Systems.


The Europedic products are made from the finest materials in the most appropriate mix to create a premium product that truly provides unrivalled comfort and support. Unlike conventional mattresses, Europedic features temperatures and pressure relieving memory foam material sandwiched with the finest UCHDF (Ultra Cell High Density Foam) or latex core.