Are you using a mattress pad to protect your mattress? well if not you may want to reconsider it, or if you’re looking for a new mattress pad you’re going to want to pay attention to this vidarticle.

Occasionally we’re asked the question: do I need a mattress pad. Well, there are no rules in it, so you don’t need one, but there’s some reasons why you might want to consider having one. Let’s take a look at the spring coil mattress, probably the most popular style of mattress, but look at the surface of it. It’s very distorted peaks and valleys mattress pad is going to help level some of that out now mattresses themselves are made with a synthetic fabric, and it’s it’s a ruff aggregate you know, it’s very very durable but it’s coarse and you’re going to feel that through your fitted sheet. In addition to that stuff happens in bed and mattresses are quite expensive and they’re very very difficult to clean, so that mattress pad is going to offer you know an additional layer of protection.

Now even if stuff is not happening in bed, body oil will find its way through that fitted sheet. Now I don’t care if you wash your sheets every week. You produce body oil, that body oil will leach through the fitted sheet it’ll soil your mattress over time. Mattress pad again is going to provide that layer of protection.

Now mattress pads come in a few different styles there’s a like a felt mattress pad, you know, just a simple felt pad. There’s also you know mattress pads with the straps in the corner’s but we don’t think they offer enough protection and they can move around, and even with those straps. What you’re going to want to look for is a quilted mattress pad that’s you know got a skirt all the way around so let’s talk about our mattress pad for a second first of all fully elasticized all the way around 360 degrees very very deep pocket so it’s going to fit the thickest of mattresses nice quilting nice thick padding in it the top surface of our pad is made from a cellulose fiber now it’s the cellulose fiber is super super soft it washes just like you know cotton but in addition to that it provides better wicking properties than cotton so it Greaves absorbs moisture better than cotton just a really really nice pad again washable very very nicely priced very very durable so hope you give that some consideration.

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